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Eldar RĂžnning - Det nĂŠrmer seg!
2012-02-27 22:30:00 Eldar RĂžnning

Det nĂŠrmer seg!

Merker jeg begynner Ä glede meg til Ä dra til Salen og Mora pÄ onsdag ettermiddag!...
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The above news article was published by Eldar RĂžnning at 2012-02-27 22:30:00. See below for the latest news from Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon at

2014-08-29 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-29 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Jet Lag, Technique and Blueberries

Today was the second day of a short (three-day) technique training camp with my coach Zach Caldwell in Putney, Vermont. I woke up (sort of) at 8 this morning, went downstairs, sat down on the couch and stared into spa ...
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2014-08-28 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-28 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Back on Roller Skis

I was very relieved when I woke up this morning and my bags, which were lost during yesterday’s travel, were sitting on the front porch of my coach Zach Caldwell’s house here in Putney, Vermont. I don’ ...
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2014-08-27 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-27 20:30:00 Andy Newell

easy week surf adventure

Since this past week was a lighter one with training we spent some time doing some easy workouts around Stratton and getting organized for Lake Placid camp. After doing some L3 intervals on Saturday though we had a goo ...
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2014-08-27 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman


My coach Zach Caldwell had a busy day planned. He was going to drive to Hartford, Connecticut, an hour and fifteen minutes south of his house in Putney, Vermont, to pick me up at 8:30 this morning. He was then … ...
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2014-08-26 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-26 16:37:00 Michael Rösch

Medaillen fĂŒr die GeschichtsbĂŒcher ...

DarĂŒber hatte ich mir noch keine Waffel gemacht... Die ersten WM Medaillen im Biathlon fĂŒr Belgien...
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2014-08-26 16:30:00 Jean Marc Gaillard

Reprise de la compétition

AprÚs avoir passé le mois de juillet à pouponner, mentraßner avec un plùtre et suivre lactualité de mes collÚgues lors de leurs compétitions norvégiennes jai enfin pu reprendre depuis le début du mois le ski ...
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2014-08-26 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

LAX Layover

I’m back in the U.S.! It’s wonderful. My long flight from Auckland was easy. I had an aisle seat, watched three movies and slept for 4 or 5 hours. I have been here in Los Angeles for six hours and I’ ...
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2014-08-25 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-25 10:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Made It

The title of this blog would suggest that skiing for 16 days in sunshine and perfect conditions is somehow challenging. I don’t think I can make that argument. But I am tired…and ready to get back to civili ...
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2014-08-24 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-24 23:30:00 Anders Södergren

Strömmingsloppet 2014 slutade med seger.

Strömmingsloppet börjar bli lite av en tradition och det är alltid kul att tävla på sin gamla hemmaplan.
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2014-08-24 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

More First Tracks

I have two more training sessions here at the Snow Farm in Wanaka, New Zealand. I think I’m going to make it. I’m definitely going to miss this place when I’m gone. Canadian Paralympic gold medalist B ...
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2014-08-23 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-23 20:30:00 Jessie Diggins

22 reasons you need a team

I recently wrote a short article as part of the new USSA’s coaches manual. I was addressing ways of taking a competition day and making it a learning experience instead of a nervous stress-fest. You know…se ...
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2014-08-23 19:03:00 Michael Rösch

Je schlechter das Selfi ...

umso besser das Rennen...Erste Biathlon WM Medaille fĂŒr Belgien... Auch wenn es nur Sommer ist...
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2014-08-23 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Top Beat Groomed

Things just keep getting better here at the Snow Farm in Wanaka, New Zealand. Yesterday evening I skated for two hours. There’s a new tent on the Hanging Valley trail. I think it’s for next weekend’s ...
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2014-08-22 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-22 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Last night I got nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Chris McCullough, the head of U.S. marketing at my ski company Madshus. Of course I have seen videos all over social media for weeks of people completing t ...
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2014-08-21 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-21 21:30:00 Anna Haag

Att ”utnyttja” sin omgivning

Sitter i soffan hemma och slötittar pÄ barfota-Ernst. En vilodag Àr snart till Ànda. TÀnk att dessa alltid gÄr lika fort. FörstÄr verkligen inte. Swish! SÄ Àr vilodagen över och...
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2014-08-21 09:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Snow Farm Food

I am three quarters of the way through my solo camp here at the Snow Farm in Wanaka, New Zealand. I have completed three out of four three-day training blocks. I have seven training sessions remaining, six in the three ...
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2014-08-21 04:23:00 Michael Rösch

Russland Update...

Ein Biathlon Stadion der GĂŒteklasse A, eine Rollerbahn breiter wie die A9, 2 SchießstĂ€nde mit 30...
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2014-08-20 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-20 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Snow Farm Strength

Yesterday afternoon I did a combination ski-strength session here at the Snow Farm Lodge in New Zealand. I don’t normally do combination sessions because I don’t like to change equipment in the middle a wor ...
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2014-08-19 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-19 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Continued Awesomeness

I cannot believe how lucky I’ve been this trip with the weather here at the Snow Farm in Wanaka, New Zealand. These are the best weather and snow conditions I’ve had in the five years I’ve been coming ...
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2014-08-18 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-18 23:30:00 Jessie Diggins

All the small things

Math isn’t my strong suit. It never has, never will be, and that’s ok. But even my mathematically-challenged mindset can’t deny that all the little things that happen over the course of training, livi ...
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Sanna Hallberg

RT @positivakicken: Dagens mentala inspiration: ”Sök inte felen, sök lösningarna.” - Henry Ford –
2014-08-29 09:11

Astrid Uhr. Jacobsen

RT @AageSki: Meldt regn i helgen! Snilt av Sandvig Ä sende meg dette bildet av @astridjacobsen og @Marthekristoffe nÄ ? @SkiNorge http://t.

2014-08-29 01:30

Matias Strandvall

RT @SVTSport: Jaa tÀmÀ kuva, jos kannatat Suomea! #hyvÀsuomi #ruotsiottelut @sandraeeriksson @HanttaLatvala @MikaelaIngberg

2014-08-28 21:32

Anders Aukland

RT @OlafSMinnelop: NĂ„ nĂŠrmer det seg! @TeamLeasePlanGo @teamcoopXC @teamub @OeysteinP @CentricTeam @VibekeSkofterud @andersaukland http://t

2014-08-28 21:32

Dario Cologna

RT @DavosKlosters: Die Cologna-BrĂŒder nutzen das herrliche Wetter fĂŒr ein paar Runden im Sportzentrum #Davos @dariocologna

2014-08-28 20:28


Intervals at the @lpolyathletes with #marwe @FinnSisuStore #fischer #swix @RudyProjectNA
2014-08-28 17:04

Vesna Fabjan

RT @TriglavGroup: 13. septembra na Brdu pri Kranju RT @govorise Slovenski ơportniki bodo tekli za dober namen #Trigl

2014-08-28 16:37


Hadde ikke bare en fin lÞpetur, vi fiksa litt pÄ gjerdene og gjorde litt nytte for oss her oppe i
2014-08-28 14:47


Vi elsker Ă„ trene, takk for en kjempe fin lĂžpetur @astridjacobsen og resten av #damelaget #koser oss
2014-08-28 14:25

Hanna Falk

Min livs första operation avklarad. Skönt att tummen Ă€r pĂ„ plats igen? Ledbandet var helt av + lite
2014-08-28 13:32

Ida Ingemarsdotter

1970meter tagna och ett hÀrligt trÀningspass i ren Tour de France anda! Och jag hade @vacchi röst i tanken!
2014-08-28 13:11

Kristian Rennemo

RT @GaryCurneen: Gary Neville: "If you can't run as fast or as hard as other teams in this league, you're already a goal down."

2014-08-28 09:21

Astrid Uhr. Jacobsen

Over middels fornÞyd med Ä vÊre pÄ samling :-) #seiseralm #smiler
2014-08-28 07:21

alex harvey

RT @TVASports: .@alex_harvey est optimiste en vue de la prochaine saison. Il a trouvé une solution à ses problÚmes de fartage :

2014-08-28 02:08

alex harvey

RT @pierreshanks: It's hot. Missing snow? Looking fwd to the x-c ski season? Here are souvenirs! Thx to @NordicXpla

2014-08-28 02:08

Chandra Crawford

Great day of planning 2015 and 2016 with the fastandfemale engine, Executive Director M&H Thibeault!
2014-08-28 00:28

PĂ„l Golberg

Ready Eddie. 13.8 urÞrt. Her fÄr Papagayo E kamp til dÞra.
2014-08-27 22:03

Ida Ingemarsdotter

Idag har jag sett hur mina skidor byggs pÄ Rossignol. Riktigt kul och se hur allt sÀtts ihop och blir en skida...
2014-08-27 20:37


Blog up from last weeks little surf adventure
2014-08-27 20:28

Anna Haag

ÅterhĂ€mtning de Lux efter race. Home, sweet home. #lyxĂ„kĂ€rlek ?? #folkpool
2014-08-27 18:07

Øystein Pettersen

I den grad det betyr noe, jeg mener beste form for markavern er Ă„ tilrettelegge for bruk av marka. Ikke motsatt.
2014-08-27 17:31

Øystein Pettersen

Planen er en rolig sykkeltur i marka. Spent pÄ om konkurranseinstinktet klarer det med marka full av birkebeinere. #timewillshow
2014-08-27 16:47

Chandra Crawford

80s gala fundraises for development athletes... further proof that @WinSportCanada is the greatest. #legacygala #yyc
2014-08-27 15:45


#trenes MYE i #seiserAlm nÄr #damelaget er pÄ #samling @skinorge #verdensbestelag . Jeg mottar
2014-08-27 13:48

Jesper Modin

NÀr man kommer tillbaka frÄn trÀningen och inte vet om man just har sprungit eller simmat har myren varit rÀtt blöt.
2014-08-27 12:43

Matias Strandvall

RT @Hevoskuuri: Trimtex vaatettaa jatkossa Team Coopin #hiihto
2014-08-27 12:20

Petter Northug Jr

RT @CoopNorway: Se Petter Northug gi kundene enda mer Extra-hjelp i kassen pÄ Coop Extra: via @YouTube
2014-08-27 12:13

john kristian dahl

RT @teamub: johankjolstad @torebb @vthyli og Henrik koser seg med god musikk etter þkta. Herlig stemning i laget!!
2014-08-27 10:49

Chandra Crawford

The @UnderArmour gym @WinSportCanada makes me want to un-retire. #athletesonly #sogood #doyouevenlift #LikeAGirl
2014-08-27 05:26

Ivan Babikov

3hr later
 a lot work left.
2014-08-27 01:04

Ivan Babikov

Just a little of a yard work
 9sq yards to move
2014-08-27 01:02

Kristian Rennemo

RT @crooks9: Synd for Deila at han arvet mannskap til et middels eliteserielag. Men ser skottene den begrensningen nÄr de skal evaluere tre

2014-08-27 00:07

Lukas Bauer
2014-08-26 21:31

john kristian dahl

RT @teamub: Endelig er @skiclassics terminlisten offisielt. Kult med flere og flotte skirenn. Hyggelig mþte de
2014-08-26 20:11

Anna Haag

Östersundare! Ni som Ă€r designfreaks som jag, har ni varit till Kinnarps i Torvalla? Har hur mycket lĂ€ckert som helst, Ă„k dit! #dagenstips
2014-08-26 18:35

Petter Northug Jr

Mer fra Coop Extra extra-hjelpen :-)
2014-08-26 18:21

Chandra Crawford

RT @anastasure: Compete with yourself and be better than you were yesterday. #progress
2014-08-26 17:38

Ivan Babikov

 "it's some sort of (hot) coffee time machine"! Reminds me Soyuz 14
 so shiny, and a lot
2014-08-26 16:16

john kristian dahl

RT @SkiClassics: Watch the TV2 Swix Ski Classics Calendar launch here: Share the video!
2014-08-26 16:00

Chandra Crawford

Faces of Canmore.
2014-08-26 15:43

john kristian dahl

RT @Langrenncom: Dette er Swix Ski Classics 2014/2015
2014-08-26 14:36

john kristian dahl

RT @SkiClassics: Swix Ski Classics 2015 expands with new races and formats! The long distance ski championship Swix Ski Classics... http:/

2014-08-26 14:33

Øystein Pettersen

LÄ klar for operasjon, men slapp fordi det hadde grodd sÄ fint. Ok digg beskjed :-) #benditeffekten
2014-08-26 08:33

Chandra Crawford

RT @buyabuff: Can't wait for winter? We think it's going to be colourful!
2014-08-26 02:00


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