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Maurice Manificat - RelĂąchement...
2012-04-20 10:30:00 Maurice Manificat


Voilà maintenant un peu plus de 2 semaines que je suis sur Grenoble, ça fait un froid de canard ! Je nai pas de cours à proprement dit, mais jeffectue un travail en binÎme avec Julie Bloch (musher), qui consiste à ...
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2016-10-01 - Top Athletes News
2016-10-01 21:30:00 Robin Bryntesson

83%s regeln. Ett aprilskÀmt i Oktober(!?)

IgÄr kom det ett besked frÄn det internationella skidförbundet (FIS) med en regelÀndring som heter duga. Först blev jag helt chockad och tÀnkte att jag mÄste gÄ ner 10 cm i stavlÀngd och att all staktrÀning o ...
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2016-09-28 - Top Athletes News
2016-09-28 11:30:00 Robin Bryntesson

Krasch Pang Bom

Ska man krocka sÄ ska man göra det i en sÀker bil. IgÄr efter lunch startade jag min resa ner mot Torsby skidtunnel för trÀningslÀger i veckan och allt rullade pÄ i behaglig takt. Men strax efter att jag passe ...
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2016-09-26 - Top Athletes News
2016-09-26 13:30:00 Robin Bryntesson

Viktiga klÀder

Det finns mÄnga klÀdmÀrken i Sverige och mÄnga inriktar sig mot trÀning. För oss elitidrottare Àr trÀningsklÀderna som en affÀrsmans kostym och det Àr vÀldigt viktigt att det kÀnns rÀtt. NÀr jag Àr ute ...
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2016-09-22 - Top Athletes News
2016-09-22 16:30:00 Teodor Peterson

BetongÄtervinning Àr en framtidssatsning

Inom bygg Àr betong ett vanligt material att arbeta och skapa i, eftersom det finns i sÄ pass stora volymer som det gör Àr det ocksÄ viktigt att veta hur man ska bete sig nÀr det kommer till betongÄtervinning. P ...
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2016-09-22 12:30:00 Robin Bryntesson

Tack och hej!

NÀr jag som 15 Äring flyttade frÄn Rossön till SollefteÄ för att börja pÄ skidgymnasiet hade jag inte en tanke pÄ det, hur viktig en klubb egentligen var och fortfarande Àr. Samtidigt som trÀning och resulta ...
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2016-09-21 - Top Athletes News
2016-09-21 22:26:00 Noah Hoffman


Save the Date of Thursday, November 17th from 5-7 p.m. for the annual Aspen Nordic Celebration and Rocky Mountain Nordic Angel fundraiser at The Limelight Hotel. We will have free pizza and beer and a great silent auct ...
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2016-09-21 14:30:00 Ida Ingemarsdotter


HallÄ i stugorna!HÀr kommer en lite uppdatering frÄn mig :)
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2016-09-21 08:30:00 Jessie Diggins

New Zealand – favorite photos

Camp has ended and now it’s time to recover a bit and let all those hours of training (and a few hours of racing, too!) sink in. I flew back home to Minnesota for 4 days after our time in New Zealand was up, and ...
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2016-09-20 - Top Athletes News
2016-09-20 23:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Acceleration with Noah Hoffman Episode 3

Here’s the third episode of Acceleration with Noah Hoffman, a weekly update from me on the official podcast of the U.S. Ski Team. In this episode I talk about the disappointment I’ve felt from my last three r ...
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2016-09-10 - Top Athletes News
2016-09-10 23:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Acceleration with Noah Hoffman Episode 2

As promised, here’s the second episode Acceleration with Noah Hoffman, a weekly update I’ll be doing on the official podcast of the U.S. Ski Team:  The post Acceleration with Noah Hoffman Episode 2 ap ...
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2016-09-09 - Top Athletes News
2016-09-09 08:30:00 Jessie Diggins

Hunting for Hobbits!

Camp has been outstanding so far. There have been a few really windy days up at the Snow Farm, and last night we got an amazing snow storm that literally tore flags off the poles, the winds were so high. So in addition ...
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2016-09-08 - Top Athletes News
2016-09-08 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Time Constraints

I really enjoy blogging. From the summer of 2012 to the spring of 2015 I posted nearly daily on this site. As a result, I felt incredibly well connected to an amazing community of friends and supporters. I miss the  ...
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2016-09-06 - Top Athletes News
2016-09-06 08:30:00 Andy Newell

New Zealand Myth Busters

I’ve been coming down to the Snow Farm for a lot of years and people are always asking me questions about this magical place down under. How long does it take to get here? whats the weather like? how about [̷ ...
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2016-09-05 - Top Athletes News
2016-09-05 09:30:00 Jessie Diggins

First week of Winter at the Snow Farm!

Getting to ski in real winter conditions in the middle of our summer is such a dream come true! I’ve been waiting and waiting to finally get back down here after last year’s amazing camp…and this year ...
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2016-08-30 - Top Athletes News
2016-08-30 08:30:00 Jessie Diggins

Last week of summer!

The time warp that is traveling to New Zealand can leave anyone a little confused. How, exactly, did I completely skip a day? August 29th, for me, simply didn’t happen. And that’s really strange. On the return trip ...
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2016-08-21 - Top Athletes News
2016-08-21 20:30:00 Jessie Diggins

Long run + fun week = sore legs.

This past week wrapped up a solid 3 weeks of training here in Stratton, Vermont! It’s been busy with camps visiting in town and jumping into training sessions, which keeps each day exciting with fresh faces and e ...
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2016-08-21 15:30:00 Maurice Manificat

Mes nouvelles estivales

Non ce nest pas un nouveau livre de Benoit Chauvet, cest juste que je sors de mon silence de blogueur peu assidu, depuis la fin de saison derniĂšre pour ĂȘtre exacte. MalgrĂ© ma prĂ©sence sur les rĂ©seaux sociaux (Twit ...
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2016-08-15 - Top Athletes News
2016-08-15 23:30:00 Jessie Diggins

A little more travel, a lot more smiles!

Family is so important to me, and every time I get to spend time with my relatives it gives me an extra spark, that special energy that you get when you’re with people you love. So although it can be challenging to f ...
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2016-08-10 - Top Athletes News
2016-08-10 21:41:00 Andy Newell

waves, camps, and intervals: Stratton Update

Upon returning from Norway I didn’t waste any time enjoying a little break from serious training and relaxing with Erika. Since I left for Norway just after our recent engagement we planned on taking a few days a ...
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2016-08-05 - Top Athletes News
2016-08-05 08:30:00 Jessie Diggins

Rest week, and ready to go again!

After Alaska camp, my coach and I planned to give me a week where I wrote my own training plan, kept the hours and intensity extremely low, and focused on recovery. It was nice to have a mini-vacation in the middle of ...
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Things I didn't think I'd be doing today. #polemeasuringcontest
2016-10-01 22:20

Kristin Steira

SÄÄÄÄ gÞy Ä danse, jeg vil mer, sÄ stem 9 til 26400 @fredricbrunberg @skalvidanse
2016-10-01 20:25

Kristin Steira

Straks klar for kveldens samba, vi trenger din hjelp, sms 9 til 26400 og @fredricbrunberg
2016-10-01 18:42

john kristian dahl

RT @Skjerdings: Har John Kristian Dahl et poeng, er stakevedtaket bare et desperat forsþk? #langrenn #staking #staver #nrksport https://t.c

2016-10-01 16:29

Chris Jespersen

RT @ViktorFagerLFC: LET'S GO! MASSIVE win! Huge three points! Up the #Reds
2016-10-01 15:23

Matias Strandvall

"Du kan ta pojkin ur byin, men int byin ur pojkin!" #KAJ #levererar #förbra #österbotten ??
2016-10-01 14:03

Katja ViĆĄnar

RT @SiolSPORTAL: "Imela sem srečo, da sem naơla izkuơeno varuơko," je srečna mamica @KatjaVisnar, razpeta med Norveơko in Slovenijo. https:

2016-10-01 13:41

Chris Jespersen

RT @engelski: See FIS had their annual conference in Cancun this year. How many Tequila slammers did it take to come up with the new rules

2016-10-01 12:11

Kikkan Randall

RT @TeamUSA: “2016 belonged to America’s women Olympians."- @POTUS ?? ?
2016-10-01 07:29

Kikkan Randall

RT @sadzarue: Warm down with Baby Breck and Momma Kikks! #doubletime #multitaskingmom kikkanimal
2016-10-01 07:25

Kristin Steira

Hot og mye passion i lÞrdagens @skalvidanse ?? Vi har det gÞy pÄ trening iallefall
2016-09-30 22:30

Chandra Crawford

Stella and I being badass stoics. Psyched to read this, @RyanHoliday! #stoicism #greatauthor
2016-09-30 21:41

Robin Bryntesson

Vi var inte helt ute Ä cyklade hÀr, SkiPodd 157 - FIS Ä skit regler
2016-09-30 19:43

Robin Bryntesson

Billiga StavsÄgar finns pÄ Rossöns Sport..överblivna stavstumpar skickar ni till mig. DÄ har jag mina fÀrdigkapade inför vintern?? @T_i_i_o
2016-09-30 18:52

Robin Bryntesson

Ronnie Löfs skidkarriÀr kan vara slut efter det hÀr beslutet... ?? #lÀngstastavarjagsett #Högbo
2016-09-30 18:45

Robin Bryntesson

FIS nya regel om 83%(!?)? Det mÄste ju vara det största (april) skÀmtet sen Sundsvall brann... #fis #regelÀndring #bakÄtstrÀvare
2016-09-30 18:13

john kristian dahl

RT @teamub: ⭐KONKURRANSE⭐ Tagg en venn, fĂžlg @teamub og skriv hva som motiverer akkurat deg! Vinneren blir
2016-09-30 13:40

Anna Haag

En bra start pÄ dagen inleds med frulle (kanske dagens bÀsta mÄl?!) och nu Àr jag redo för en vÀlbehövlig...
2016-09-30 07:16

Vesna Fabjan

Priprave Dachstein...kot radi rečemo - najlepơa pisarna ???☉ #sloski #fischerski #alpina #swix
2016-09-29 14:28

Anna Haag

Mittmellanpassenpaus innebĂ€r mail, slösurf och mellanmĂ„l. ☕??
2016-09-29 14:10

Matias Strandvall

RT @YleSporten: Sprintern @MStrandvall pÄ knÀ i JyvÀskylÀ - se video pÄ landslagets fystest vid @kihutwitter #twittski

2016-09-29 06:34

Chandra Crawford

RT @AthletesCAN: Excited to see what our very own board member @MariaSamson5 does next! #congratulation
2016-09-29 01:07

john kristian dahl

RT @MadshusRacing: Introducing the 2016-2017 Madshus collection, including an expanded IntelliGrip line and the all-new Super Nano... https

2016-09-28 20:39


RT @Paris2024: L'#AnneeOlympisme transmet le #Sport & les valeurs de l'#olympisme - ADN #Paris2024 - de l’école Ă  l’universitĂ©

2016-09-28 19:12


RT @martinfkde: ???
2016-09-28 19:03

john kristian dahl

RT @teamub: Er du ute pÄ rolig lÞpetur kan det vÊre fint Ä bryte opp med en spenstkonkurranse! KjÞr spensten
2016-09-28 18:02

alex harvey

????? #timetoplay
2016-09-28 17:39

Aino-Kaisa Saarinen

RT @Teoskustantamo: HS-urheilun mainio juttu @Aino_Kaisa Saarisesta ja tuoreesta #Tahto-kirjasta: #teoskustantamo
2016-09-28 14:05

Anna Haag

Att fĂ„ springa runt i detta - hösten Ă€r bra hĂ€rlig Ă€ndĂ„ alltsĂ„! ??‍♀??
2016-09-28 12:35

Robin Bryntesson

Krasch Bom Bang. ?
2016-09-28 11:20

john kristian dahl

RT @teamub: Hele laget samlet og god stemning pÄ intervall idag. 40*30sek bÞr gi litt fart til vinteren??
2016-09-28 06:10

Ivan Babikov

Summer is back in Canmore, but not for long. Nice run with the crew this morning.
2016-09-28 02:45

Chris Jespersen

RT @musgraveandrew: New rules on pole length? Couldn't FIS have decided this earlier & spared me an entire summer of training with poles I'

2016-09-27 23:22

Ida Ingemarsdotter

Bjuder pÄ ett leende efter ett pass pÄ bandet ? GÀller att hÄlla god ton mot den som kör annars hÀnger man i...
2016-09-27 19:33


Today is #VoterRegistrationDay . And after last nights #debate  don't you think you should? Be a climate voter
2016-09-27 19:06

Chris Jespersen

RT @Tjaernas: Tenk om Trump avslÞrte det alle vet innerst inne - at alt har vÊrt en fleip. Ville gÄ fra gal presidentkandidat til tidenes k

2016-09-27 17:44

Aino-Kaisa Saarinen

RT @TeroHakola: Virpi Kuitusen ja Aino-Kaisa Saarisen kaltaiset urheilijat menestyvĂ€t. Ovat tinkimĂ€ttömiĂ€ ja riittĂ€vĂ€n itsekeskeisiĂ€ muun l

2016-09-27 17:01

Aino-Kaisa Saarinen

RT @lehikoinenheidi: Kirjajulkkareilla tarjoilut kohteen mukaan ? Saa nÀhdÀ, mitÀ kirjasta pidetÀÀn #hiihto
2016-09-27 16:55

Anna Haag

... and off he went - nĂ€sta Italien för herr Jönsson! ✈?????? Ses snart! ??? #lĂ€gerlivet #skiteamswexc
2016-09-27 15:17

Matias Strandvall

RT @FssVig: Tack till alla som gjort och gör nĂ„got för att vĂ„r region skall utvecklas.Ett stort steg för skidsporte

2016-09-27 13:37

Lukas Bauer
2016-09-27 07:57

Chris Jespersen

RT @Entourageliners: RETWEET If you think Ari would dominate both of them in a debate.
2016-09-27 07:39


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