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Maurice Manificat - RelĂąchement...
2012-04-20 10:30:00 Maurice Manificat


Voilà maintenant un peu plus de 2 semaines que je suis sur Grenoble, ça fait un froid de canard ! Je nai pas de cours à proprement dit, mais jeffectue un travail en binÎme avec Julie Bloch (musher), qui consiste à ...
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2014-12-19 - Top Athletes News
2014-12-19 08:30:00 Robin Bryntesson

Inbjudan Sockertoppen 2015

Hej Hopp alla glada! Nu river vi igÄng Sockertoppen 2015 karusellen. Inbjudan finner ni under sockertoppenfliken och nedan ser ni en film som ni gÀrna fÄr sprida: Tillsammans mot Sockertoppen 2015! Nu kör vi! // Ro ...
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2014-12-17 - Top Athletes News
2014-12-17 18:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Hanukkah Party

It’s really challenging to plan my days since my coaches and I haven’t put together a training plan. We are still taking it one day at a time because things seem to be changing every day. My energy levels h ...
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2014-12-16 - Top Athletes News
2014-12-16 19:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Searching for a Menorah

It is significantly harder to take pictures when I’m on crutches than it is normally. I can’t quickly reach into my pocket, grab my camera and snap a picture without breaking stride. Now I have to stop, put ...
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2014-12-15 - Top Athletes News
2014-12-15 22:30:00 Maurice Manificat

Flop départ

La saison na pas démarré comme je le souhaitais. Je chope une bonne bronchite juste avant le mini-tour de Lillehammer, obligé de rentrer à la maison pour me soigner. Une semaine aux antibiotiques, ...
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2014-12-15 19:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Life on Crutches

Everything seems to take me three times as long as it normally does since I can’t put weight on my left leg. It’s hard to stay organized and normal tasks like cooking and cleaning take forever. I struggle t ...
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2014-12-15 19:30:00 Aurore Cuinet

DĂ©but de saison …

TweetVoici quelques nouvelles depuis le dĂ©but de la saison. En terme de rĂ©sultats ça n’a pas Ă©tĂ© terrible mais je ne m’attendais pas non plus Ă  des merveilles suite Ă  ma blessure et ma coupure d’entraineme ...
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2014-12-15 12:30:00 Anders Södergren

Lättare att tävla än att resa?

Tyvärr blev det ingen start i helgens Swix Ski classic.En lätt förkylning satte käppar i hjulen.
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2014-12-15 09:30:00 Anna Haag

Mat-Tina – lite bilder, bĂ€ttre sent Ă€n aldrig!

I vÄras, i mitten av april, Äkte vi ner till Vemdalen och till Mat-Tinas stuga. En hel dag med skidÄkning, men framför allt en massa, massa mat. Och prat. Och vi som...
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2014-12-14 - Top Athletes News
2014-12-14 23:05:00 Michael Rösch

EnttÀuschung mit Ursachen...

Die 2. Weltcupwoche ist nun auch schon wieder Geschichte. Leider mit mĂ€ĂŸigem Erfolg. Nach den...
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2014-12-14 14:30:00 Anna Haag

GlÀdje och omtanke!

Vilken dag det var igÄr. Jag var sÄ uppe i allt att jag helt missade berÀtta hur helt underbart det Àr att vara en del av hela den hÀr skidvÀrlden. NÀstintill...
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2014-12-13 - Top Athletes News
2014-12-13 21:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Rail Jam and SkiErg

I forgot to mention yesterday that I was featured in The Denver Post on Thursday. The article was written by sports’ editor John Meyer. I spoke to John a couple of times last year before and after the Olympics, a ...
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2014-12-13 16:30:00 Anna Haag

Davos – ÄNTLIGEN!!

Vissa dagar ska man bara lÄta kroppen styra, koppla bort huvudet. StÀnga tankarna ute och bara fokusera hÀr och nu. Stavtag för stavtag. Det Àr inte lÀtt, men idag, dÄ...
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2014-12-12 - Top Athletes News
2014-12-12 22:42:00 Noah Hoffman

Getting Healthy

I’ve mentioned in the last couple of posts that I’ve been fighting a virus that has made it very hard and painful to swallow. Dealing with the virus has been a much bigger priority for me than dealing with ...
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2014-12-12 10:30:00 Jessie Diggins

Davos. Our other home away from home!

I’m sitting in my room, listening to the sounds of shoveling from the deck below, where staff at Hotel Kulm are preparing the outside seating area so that holiday Gluhwein can be served to guests after dark. I ju ...
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2014-12-10 - Top Athletes News
2014-12-10 19:16:00 Michael Rösch

Schneefilzen ohne Schnee???

Normalerweise ist pĂŒnktlich zum Weltcup hier immer alles weiß???Naja der Glocknerschnee tuts...
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2014-12-10 17:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Great Post-Op Appointment

I had a really good post-op appointment yesterday with Dr. Thomas Clanton of The Steadman Clinic, who did the surgery on my ankle last week. We took off the gauze and brace that had been on since surgery. Dr. Clanton & ...
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2014-12-10 16:30:00 Ida Ingemarsdotter

Nu Àr det igÄng pÄ!

SÀsongen Àr igÄng med dunder och brak, 3 tÀvlingshelger har jag hunnit med fram till idag. Sverige premiÀren i Bruksvallarna, WC i Kuusamo och Lillehammer. TÀnkte dra en kort sammanfattning av dessa helger.
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2014-12-09 - Top Athletes News
2014-12-09 21:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Castle Rock and Sleep

I’ve had a rough couple of days. I’ve been sleeping, or at least lying in bed, a ton. My ankle, which is feeling pretty good, has been surpassed as my biggest issue by what I believe is a virus that … ...
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2014-12-09 12:30:00 Jessie Diggins


Lillehammer! It’s a really fun venue to race at. The fans are great, the atmosphere in the stadium is electrifying, and the energy from racing day after day in a mini-tour gets you pretty pumped up. For me, the r ...
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2014-12-08 - Top Athletes News
2014-12-08 21:30:00 Curdin Perl

Saisonauftakt im Norden

Nach fast vier Wochen im düsteren Norden, bin ich nun sehr froh, wieder zu Hause zu sein. Wir konnten die guten Trainingsbedingungen, zuerst in Saariselkä anschliessend in Kuusamo und zuletzt in Lillehammer o ...
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emil jönsson

NÄgra sista rullskidtips till er om snön inte hunnit kommit Àn... Och ny chans till att vinna klÀder! #hellyhansen
2014-12-19 11:24

Ida Ingemarsdotter

RT @maudbernhagen: PodgÀst: Ida Ingemarsdotter. @iingemarsdotter . Om framgÄngar och medieskugga @SkiTeamSweXC ht

2014-12-19 08:24

Robin Bryntesson

Tillsammans mot Sockertoppen: via @YouTube
2014-12-19 07:30

Kikkan Randall

#TBT A little pict from our first Christmas in Davos 4 years ago. Hope some more snow comes to make it wintery...
2014-12-18 23:09

Øystein Pettersen

The seventies goes Santa! #nisseoppdragibarnehagen #fullfĂžrt #artig #livetleker
2014-12-18 20:17


Powder days in Maine... Biggest snow flakes I've ever seen!
2014-12-18 19:50

Devon Kershaw

What are we doing on a Thursday? It's a dorky #NPR podcast listening party! serial #wearehugedorks
2014-12-18 18:51

Anna Haag

#tbt Vi hade just vunnit det dÀr guldet i Sochi. Ingen av oss förstod Ànnu vad vi varit med om. KÀnslorna var,...
2014-12-18 17:49

Kikkan Randall

Happy to have my @LLBean rain gear but not happy to have to wear it one week out from Christmas.
2014-12-18 16:10

Kikkan Randall

Always fun to go back and analyze your training session from the comfort of your bed. #PO...
2014-12-18 13:37

alex harvey

J'espĂšre que j'ai pris le bon train... / Hope I picked the right train... #ProbablyDidnt
2014-12-18 12:29

Hanna Falk

Dagens bĂ€sta trĂ€ningskompis❀ asabananklasa
2014-12-18 12:20

Ivan Babikov

@IvanBabikov: After a solid week of training at home I'm back in action
Davos has back2back World Cup weekends! Wish us luck!
2014-12-18 11:51

emil jönsson

Tar i allt jag har Ă„ matshulanlarsson skriker öka. En normal dag i Davos helt enkelt. #intervaller
2014-12-18 11:48

john kristian dahl

Nu kör vi! : “@Langrenncom: Åresjön redder Åre Swix Open”
2014-12-18 10:22


Snowy day in Maine
2014-12-17 19:09

Matias Strandvall

RT @slaviaofficial: Midfielder @SebaStrandvall from @VPS1924 and defender @Krisz333 from @acmilan joined Slavia for a one-week trial. http:

2014-12-17 18:35

john kristian dahl

RT @SimenWangberg: Blir oppgitt over de som mener innsats i gym i skolen bĂžr telle mer enn ferdighet. NĂ„r ble innsats belĂžnnet i matte?
2014-12-17 16:35

john kristian dahl

RT @NRKYtring: "Plutselig begynte alle Ä skrive pÄ interiÞret. Hva gikk galt?"
2014-12-17 16:32

john kristian dahl

Idag gikk lua og himmelen i ett. 5days2go #livigno #livignolovers #biviohotel #valleFedaria #duckface
2014-12-17 16:21

Lukas Bauer

ÚvodnĂ­ vĂ­kend Swix Ski Classics2015 by ƙeditel Team Pioneer Investments LukĂĄĆĄ Bauer ChceĆĄ bĂœt u zdroje? "LIKE"...
2014-12-17 09:07

Lukas Bauer

ÚvodnĂ­ vĂ­kend Swix Ski Classics2015 by ƙeditel Team Pioneer Investments LukĂĄĆĄ Bauer ChceĆĄ bĂœt u zdroje? "LIKE"...
2014-12-17 09:06

john kristian dahl

RT @teamub: #lasgambeda er ferdig for i Ă„r. Flott arrangement i #skiclassics. Vi i TUB er godt fornĂžyd med helgen
2014-12-17 08:20

Kris Freeman

RT @LillyDiabetes: Congrats @TeamFreebirdXC for winning the 10K AND 15K classic at the N. American Cup in Rossland, BC.

2014-12-16 20:41

Kikkan Randall

Come on Mother Nature, we need more snow!! I'm getting too much mud stuck in my boots!
2014-12-16 12:36

Anna Haag

En vecka, sen Ă€r vi hemma igen. Förhoppningsvis lite mer snö dĂ„ Ă€n nu och nĂ€r kortet togs. â„ïžâ™Ą...
2014-12-16 12:16

Anna Haag

RÀtt lÀnk, till bloggen som inte handlar om vare sig skidÄkning, trÀning eller trÀning. Bara hus. BlÄa nyanser.
2014-12-16 11:33

Anna Haag

En update pÄ bloggen som inte handlar om skidÄkning, trÀning eller tÀvling. Utan bara hus.
2014-12-16 11:10

Robin Bryntesson

Sockerbitstillverkning ? #högtryck #juletider #20timmar #20spĂ€nn #sockertoppen vart Ă€r asvanebo
2014-12-16 10:13


RT @teamhsn: 8 membres du @teamhsn à @davosnordic ! #teamhsnpower @jmarcgaillard @manificaventure @Gros_Baptiste @TarantolaDamien @Clement_

2014-12-16 08:23


RT @NordicMag: Haute-Savoie Nordic Team débarque sur @NordicMag @teamhsn @jmarcgaillard @mickaelphilipot http://t.c

2014-12-16 08:22


Flop départ #News
2014-12-15 22:23

alex harvey

Bon ski Ă  tous!
2014-12-15 22:11

Ivan Babikov

Beauty of a day in Canmore! Could ski forever! #NoFilter #Perfect-10c
2014-12-15 20:18

Lukas Bauer

PrvnĂ­ ohlasy na vĂœkon AdĂ©lky - hvězdy Teamu Pioneer Investments - na ĂșvodnĂ­ch zĂĄvodech Swix Ski Classics 2015......
2014-12-15 20:15

Anna Haag

GrÄtt Ä dassigt utanför. Snön töar pÄ tok för fort, men jag Àr mest glad ÀndÄ. VÀnner som förgyller dagarna, fÄ...
2014-12-15 20:02

Astrid Uhrenholdt Ja

RT @NRK_Sport: Mens lagvenninnene tok 5-dobbelt, har @astridjacobsen prĂžvd Ă„ finne ut hva som feiler kroppen. http:/

2014-12-15 18:59

Chandra Crawford

Jared with our new 3-month old golden retriever, "Stella." #puppy #lifeisgood
2014-12-15 18:11

Devon Kershaw

In true @philwiddy style, my little walk/jog quickly escalated #summit fever. #oops now all I need is a cheese fondue
2014-12-15 16:45

Anna Haag

Mat-Tina – lite bilder, bĂ€ttre sent Ă€n aldrig!
2014-12-15 15:14

Devon Kershaw

2014-12-15 13:00

Federico Pellegrino
2014-12-15 12:14

Petter Northug Jr

I nettbutikken fÄr du fri frakt ved kjÞp av 2 produkter eller mer! BesÞk butikken her:
2014-12-15 09:20


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