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Maurice Manificat - RelĂąchement...
2012-04-20 10:30:00 Maurice Manificat


Voilà maintenant un peu plus de 2 semaines que je suis sur Grenoble, ça fait un froid de canard ! Je nai pas de cours à proprement dit, mais jeffectue un travail en binÎme avec Julie Bloch (musher), qui consiste à ...
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2014-09-01 - Top Athletes News
2014-09-01 19:30:00 Sandra Hansson

Seger pÄ rullskidorna i helgen

...Ă€ntligen start!
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2014-09-01 19:30:00 Sandra Hansson

Seger pÄ rullskidorna i helgen

...Ă€ntligen start!
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2014-08-31 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-31 21:30:00 Jessie Diggins

Fun things and painful things that are happening out Ea ...

This is the 7th year that I’ve come to the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center for a fall training camp. Crazy! It still feels like it’s maybe my third year here. Some things haven’t changed at all ...
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2014-08-31 17:30:00 Anna Haag

Vad vill ni lÀsa om?!

Senaste halvÄret har det stÄtt still i mitt huvud. Eller nej. Det har varit fullproppat av annat. Det lilla utrymmet som Àr kvar nÀr trÀningen har fÄtt sitt utrymme, bÄde...
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2014-08-30 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-30 16:30:00 Anna Haag

De dÀr underbara vilotimmarna.

Ibland blir lÀngtan efter en ledig eftermiddag sÄ dÀr enorm sÄ timmarna fram till den dÀr vilodagen dyker upp, kryper allt lÄngsammare. Och speciellt det sista passet. DÀr gÄr varje...
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2014-08-30 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Putney Time Trial

There wasn’t much to eat (besides blueberries) in my coach Zach Caldwell’s house this morning. Zach and his wife Amy don’t eat much breakfast. They’re more interested in coffee. I wanted to make ...
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2014-08-29 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-29 21:07:00 Michael Rösch

Danke @ Thomas Kirsten BĂŒrgermeister von Altenberg

Auch die Auswanderer sind immer noch willkommen :))) Vielen Dank fĂŒr die Überraschung...
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2014-08-29 15:06:00 Michael Rösch

Sogar in die Sportnews haben wirs geschafft !!!

Biathlon Belgiumpower!!! Minute 50. :))...
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2014-08-29 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Jet Lag, Technique and Blueberries

Today was the second day of a short (three-day) technique training camp with my coach Zach Caldwell in Putney, Vermont. I woke up (sort of) at 8 this morning, went downstairs, sat down on the couch and stared into spa ...
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2014-08-28 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-28 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Back on Roller Skis

I was very relieved when I woke up this morning and my bags, which were lost during yesterday’s travel, were sitting on the front porch of my coach Zach Caldwell’s house here in Putney, Vermont. I don’ ...
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2014-08-27 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-27 20:30:00 Andy Newell

easy week surf adventure

Since this past week was a lighter one with training we spent some time doing some easy workouts around Stratton and getting organized for Lake Placid camp. After doing some L3 intervals on Saturday though we had a goo ...
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2014-08-27 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman


My coach Zach Caldwell had a busy day planned. He was going to drive to Hartford, Connecticut, an hour and fifteen minutes south of his house in Putney, Vermont, to pick me up at 8:30 this morning. He was then … ...
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2014-08-26 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-26 16:37:00 Michael Rösch

Medaillen fĂŒr die GeschichtsbĂŒcher ...

DarĂŒber hatte ich mir noch keine Waffel gemacht... Die ersten WM Medaillen im Biathlon fĂŒr Belgien...
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2014-08-26 16:30:00 Jean Marc Gaillard

Reprise de la compétition

AprÚs avoir passé le mois de juillet à pouponner, mentraßner avec un plùtre et suivre lactualité de mes collÚgues lors de leurs compétitions norvégiennes jai enfin pu reprendre depuis le début du mois le ski ...
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2014-08-26 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

LAX Layover

I’m back in the U.S.! It’s wonderful. My long flight from Auckland was easy. I had an aisle seat, watched three movies and slept for 4 or 5 hours. I have been here in Los Angeles for six hours and I’ ...
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2014-08-25 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-25 10:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Made It

The title of this blog would suggest that skiing for 16 days in sunshine and perfect conditions is somehow challenging. I don’t think I can make that argument. But I am tired…and ready to get back to civili ...
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2014-08-24 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-24 23:30:00 Anders Södergren

Strömmingsloppet 2014 slutade med seger.

Strömmingsloppet börjar bli lite av en tradition och det är alltid kul att tävla på sin gamla hemmaplan.
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2014-08-24 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

More First Tracks

I have two more training sessions here at the Snow Farm in Wanaka, New Zealand. I think I’m going to make it. I’m definitely going to miss this place when I’m gone. Canadian Paralympic gold medalist B ...
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2014-08-23 - Top Athletes News
2014-08-23 20:30:00 Jessie Diggins

22 reasons you need a team

I recently wrote a short article as part of the new USSA’s coaches manual. I was addressing ways of taking a competition day and making it a learning experience instead of a nervous stress-fest. You know…se ...
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2014-08-23 19:03:00 Michael Rösch

Je schlechter das Selfi ...

umso besser das Rennen...Erste Biathlon WM Medaille fĂŒr Belgien... Auch wenn es nur Sommer ist...
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Maiken C. Falla

I full fart mot vintern @kathrineharsem ?#seiseralm #bjĂžrndĂŠhlie #asics #dĂŠvendundrevierihundre
2014-09-02 23:30


RT @ValentinePeraz: @alex_boeuf : "Montrer que le ski de fond, c'est un sport moderne" #ski #biathlon via @Ski_Chrono
2014-09-02 22:06

Jesper Modin

Nytt blogginlÀgg: En resa till mÄnen
2014-09-02 21:52

Petter Northug Jr

Æ tréne @TV2Mini
2014-09-02 20:15


Always had the feeling Gramps could do anything in and out of the water. Stand up paddling at 85. Miss
2014-09-02 20:11


Remembering grandpa Kelley today. More than anyone he taught me to love the outdoors. We called him
2014-09-02 20:06

Petter Northug Jr

PrÞv Ä Äpne linken @TV2Mini sÄ fÄr du flere bilder, og litt tekst. Men konsentrer deg om bildene du :-)
2014-09-02 20:05

Petter Northug Jr

Rapport fra hĂžyden...
2014-09-02 19:21

Matias Strandvall

RT @sandraeeriksson: Äntligen var det dags att publicera det, Ă„rets, för mig, viktigaste blogginlĂ€gg:
2014-09-02 18:08


RT @tomhilde: Alltid hyggelig Ä fÄ snap av @Marthekristoffe ??
2014-09-02 17:25

Anders Aukland

sykkeltrening med gutter10 #lommedalen #teamcentric
2014-09-02 15:28

Astrid Uhr. Jacobsen

Takk for samling i Seiser Alm med verdens beste jenter; god tur til Livigno! NĂ„ litt Oslo-tid :-)
2014-09-02 11:01

Matias Strandvall

RT @KajKunnas: 1995 Leijonat toi iloa lamaSuomeen. Nyt #Susijengi ja #Sisujengi tekevÀt samaa. Miksei valtiovalta arvosta urheiluamme enemm

2014-09-02 10:41


Trent oss ferdig i #seiseralm . Takk for et kjempe bra opphold og #smuuuude #treningsforhold #fjell
2014-09-02 09:08

Kristin Steira

Takk for denne gang! Neste stopp -Livigno
2014-09-02 08:51

Robin Bryntesson

RT @svtBranholm: Den hÀr mannen tar alltid allt till en lite ny nivÄ - underbar galning @Brynte85 !
2014-09-02 08:45

Devon Kershaw

Draft is in the books for yet another fun year of NFL fantasy. I hope I picked a winner of a team. #bestnextfourmonthsever
2014-09-02 04:53

alex harvey

Ohhh ohhh ohhh #nflFantasyDraft #gobigorgohome #tittsburgfeelers
2014-09-02 02:40

Ivan Babikov

The latest iPhone 6 leak assembles parts into the best video yet (Russian video of course ;) )
2014-09-02 01:46


Monday funday in the #Adirondacks #gopro #adventures #cliffjumping #getarunningstart
2014-09-02 01:30

Niklas Dyrhaug

RT @arsenor: DONE DEAL: Arsenal & Man Utd agree ÂŁ16m fee for Danny Welbeck. (BBC Sport)
2014-09-01 22:49

Niklas Dyrhaug

Ryktes at Andreas Skjefte fra Ålen er i seriþse forhandlinger om en overgang til Tydal like fþr vinduet stenger #DeadlineDay #breddefotball
2014-09-01 22:00

Kristian Rennemo

Martin ØdegÄrd er ikke god nok for landslaget hevder "ekspertene". Synd han var Norges beste sist landskamp da.. Blir en tynn tropp.
2014-09-01 21:28

Chris Jespersen

RT @trulssv: GĂ„r rykter om at United har signa en blind fyr! Kan noen bekrefte? Vil uansett vĂŠre en forsterkning.
2014-09-01 20:54

john kristian dahl

Gamle elghufsbakken min?: “@Finnmarken: Her heies slitne motbakkelþpere til topps. Se video av alle deltakerne!”
2014-09-01 12:13

Lukas Bauer

@manificaventure Congratulations! All the best for Mummy and Daddy Maurice ;-)
2014-09-01 06:52

Kristian Rennemo

@JespersenChris @AudunLaugaland Det vart som Ê frykta.. To strake i PL uten mÄl i mot - da vente det som regel trÞbbel.
2014-08-31 23:49

Robin Bryntesson

IBC i Rossön ? @ Rossön
2014-08-31 23:31

Ivan Babikov

RT @simonwhitfield: Who's that??? Finishing her first triathlon in over 20yrs, Canadian Olympic Legend @BeckieScott4 here @WTS_Edmonton htt

2014-08-31 23:08

Ida Ingemarsdotter

Vart tog mitt stavrör vÀgen sas?? Var ju till och med prioriteringslapp pÄ ? #LivetpÄresandefot
2014-08-31 22:57


Great view from the top of Mt. Marcy today. Fun 3.5 hour run tho! #training #xc #bjþrndéhlie #gonnf
2014-08-31 21:57

Anna Haag

Vad vill ni lÀsa om?!
2014-08-31 21:46

Matias Strandvall

RT @HannoMottola: No words needed! #susiselfie
2014-08-31 21:27


Voici mon fils Ethan! TrÚs fier et hyper heureux. Que de belles émotions! Papa-poule dorlotte pdt que maman récupÚre
2014-08-31 19:02

Ilya Chernousov

Training session this morning with running-profi Mimi Belete ?is going to help me not get beating by
2014-08-31 16:51

Thomas Alsgaard

Nok en hard dag...
2014-08-31 16:07

Anna Haag

Det dÀr med köket. Bilder frÄn vÄr dröm.
2014-08-31 15:20

Anna Haag

Huset. ? Bilder i blogg.
2014-08-31 15:19

Kristian Rennemo

Det va vel litt for my forlangt Ä be om tre kampa pÄ rad uten baklengs... #2pl #spurs #SpursLiv
2014-08-31 14:41

Katja ViĆĄnar

Today I run my favourite lap in #sjusjĂžen✌? #4h #snĂžrvillen #thesmellofautumn ??
2014-08-31 14:33

Lukas Bauer

Hi crosscountry skiers around the world! IÂŽve read the story about Callum Watson - member of the Australia XC Ski...
2014-08-31 13:37

Lukas Bauer

Hi crosscountry skiers around the world! IÂŽve read the story about Callum Watson - member of the Australia XC Ski...
2014-08-31 13:36


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