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Maurice Manificat - RelĂąchement...
2012-04-20 10:30:00 Maurice Manificat


Voilà maintenant un peu plus de 2 semaines que je suis sur Grenoble, ça fait un froid de canard ! Je nai pas de cours à proprement dit, mais jeffectue un travail en binÎme avec Julie Bloch (musher), qui consiste à ...
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2015-07-28 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-28 08:30:00 Maurice Manificat

ça bosse, ça bosse !

Un rĂ©gal de sentrainer Ă  la maison par ces conditions!Une nouvelle saison est Ă  prĂ©parer ! Et mĂȘme sil ny a ni championnat du Monde, ni JO, elle nen reste pas moins importante. Il y aura 2 Tours de Ski (janvier da ...
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2015-07-25 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-25 22:30:00 Jessie Diggins

Patience, Pain tolerance and a Skier’s Paradise

Our last few days at the Snow Farm saw some of the best skiing we’ve had in years. We had full sun, smooth tracks and fresh snow, and I was completely and totally happy being out on the trails for hours. To be ho ...
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2015-07-23 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-23 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Off Day and Skiing Photos

  We’ve continued to have a great camp here at the Snow Farm in Wanaka, New Zealand. The conditions have been excellent. My teammates end their camp and head back to the U.S. tomorrow. I’m staying an e ...
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2015-07-19 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-19 11:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Park City and New Zealand

My sincere apologies again for the long delay in updating. I do intend on uploading a picture blog once or twice a week. With this new format where I’m relying more on the pictures and typing less, it will take & ...
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2015-07-17 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-17 09:30:00 Anna Haag

Balans. #vÄgavÀgradiet

Kan ju inte lÄta bli att skriva nÄgra rader ang instagrambilden jag la ut hÀrom dagen. Ja, ni sÄg ju ocksÄ den bilden hÀr, den pÄ pannkakorna. Ibland blir jag...
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2015-07-16 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-16 15:30:00 Anna Haag

Timmar hit. Å timmar dit. Å en massa mer.

Sitter vid bordet hemma. Har precis Àtit lunch och Emil fixade en soya latte som pricken över i:et till dessert. Ute Àr himlen tung, kommer nÄgot regnstÀnk dÄ och dÄ...
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2015-07-16 08:30:00 Jessie Diggins

Digging the “Down Undah” situation

I’m not sure why it took me so long to get down here, but I am absolutely loving New Zealand! I also like singing the theme song from Lord of the Rings in my head when I’m skiing around the Mountains. IR ...
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2015-07-12 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-12 09:30:00 Anna Haag

Visby. I ett par timmar.

Förra veckan var vi pÄ en 16h tripp till Visby. Skulle hÄlla en förelÀsning pÄ ett mingel, sÄ efter att ha gjort ett effektivt men vÀldigt bra pass i gymmet...
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2015-07-12 08:30:00 Jessie Diggins

“the Skis to the City”

After a whopping big travel day, we made it to the Snow Farm in Wanaka, New Zealand! I’m so thrilled to be here, and see a country I’ve never been to. It’s so beautiful and I’m quickly falling i ...
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2015-07-12 08:30:00 Andy Newell

Fireworks to New Zealand

The past week has been super hectic but at the same time incredibly enjoyable because this time of year has two of my favorite things. 4th of July and skiing!! As I’ve described in my blog before the 4th of [R ...
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2015-07-10 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-10 18:30:00 Anna Haag


Nu har det stÄtt bra still hÀr lÀnge. Alldeles för lÀnge enligt mig. Men min energi har inte riktigt rÀckt till. Den har knappt rÀckt till nÄgonting utöver trÀningen. Just...
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2015-07-09 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-09 19:30:00 Sandra Hansson

Dags för nÀsta lopp....

....cysta i huvudet som ska bort.
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2015-07-09 19:30:00 Sandra Hansson

Dags för nÀsta lopp....

....cysta i huvudet som ska bort.
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2015-07-02 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-02 08:30:00 Jessie Diggins

The impulse surf trip

A week filled with high quality intervals and one astonishingly muddy run on the Appalachian Trail needed a great ending…which Erika, Andy and I found alongside 50 other wetsuit-clad diehards out to get a little ...
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2015-07-01 - Top Athletes News
2015-07-01 21:30:00 Andy Newell

Big Days and Surf Adventures

This past week was the second of two back to back big training weeks. We have been using this time before our first US Ski team training camp to come together at Stratton and have as many quality SMST2 team […]
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2015-06-26 - Top Athletes News
2015-06-26 22:30:00 Jessie Diggins

Surviving summers out East: a step-by-step tutorial

Let’s be real about summers out on the east coast. They are so much fun, but if you go about it wrong you will end up in a little dehydrated, bug-swarmed, sunburned, humid puddle in the middle of the woods. If yo ...
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2015-06-26 15:30:00 Anna Haag


Den 21-23 aug 2105 smĂ€ller det. Årets anna & emil summercamp gĂ„r av stapeln. Är ni redo? Anna&Emil Summer Camp Ă€r Sveriges största sommarskidskola, som tillsammans med oss ledare skapar...
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2015-06-25 - Top Athletes News
2015-06-25 22:31:00 Noah Hoffman

Maggie’s Wedding

Emilia and I had a great weekend in the Tetons for my sister’s wedding. We had perfect weather all weekend long. The sunset during the “rehersal dinner” was amazing: On Saturday morning I went for a r ...
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2015-06-22 - Top Athletes News
2015-06-22 21:30:00 Andy Newell

Intervals and running races week #8

Believe it or not we have just finished up the 8th week of the training year which means we’ve got a solid two months in the books so far! Whenever I fill out my training log I like to make […]
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2015-06-21 - Top Athletes News
2015-06-21 20:30:00 Ida Ingemarsdotter

Det rullar pÄ!

Det rullar pÄ...Precis sÄ Àr det, snart har det gÄtt 2veckor sedan gipset Äkt pÄ min vÀnsterhand.
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RT @CBurdet: Le plus dur avec ce groupe, c'est de gérer les pauses... #mavieestunselfie
2015-07-28 09:18


ça bosse, ça bosse ! #News
2015-07-27 23:54

Ivan Babikov

RT @salomonnordic: Ivan Babikov says "What a day! to be skiing on the Haig Glacier"
2015-07-27 22:32

Ivan Babikov

RT @FISCrossCountry: Big congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Kershaw!”
2015-07-27 22:31

Ilya Chernousov

#thisishowwetrain after good work very important take a good rest?#adidasxcsport #teamglatte
2015-07-27 22:24

Ilya Chernousov

#thisishowwetrain over the clouds, last look on the landscape before hard training session. @bitnesen
2015-07-27 22:14

Katja ViĆĄnar

New nordic center in Planica is growing up! It will be great for WC cross country here next winter!
2015-07-27 21:45


RT @CBurdet: @ChanavatLucas s'inspire de #robinduvillard. Il aimerait tellement ĂȘtre aussi beau et fort!
2015-07-27 20:44


RT @Richardjouve: SĂ©ance de vitesse face Ă  @ChanavatLucas Celle ci je la gagne mais c'est pas tout les jours comme ça ÂĄ!

2015-07-27 20:35

Ivan Babikov

Got very lucky with a weather and a snow conditions at the Haig Glacier! Great few days of skiing!
2015-07-27 20:32

Kikkan Randall

Pretty awesome to ski with so many motivated kids at the Loppet Nordic Racing (LNR) practice this
2015-07-27 19:52

Devon Kershaw

Couldn't be more happy with the weekend. Super lucky to share the experience with great friends and
2015-07-27 17:33

Chandra Crawford

Some light reading before today's job interviews... #transition #AfterTheSportsYouGetToLearnLots #exciting
2015-07-27 15:09

Chandra Crawford

RT @Wineguy_69: Its ALL ITALIAN 4 Thursdays #CanmoreMarket 2-6pm. Come down & visit w @Veraison7 Jennifer fr #VendemmiaInternational http:/

2015-07-27 01:46

Ivan Babikov

What a day! Great skiing conditions at Haig.
2015-07-26 23:45

Ivan Babikov

Glacier hike.
2015-07-26 23:45

Chandra Crawford

Incredible episode thanks @mobilitywod @tferriss #SuppleLeopard
2015-07-26 22:21

Ivan Babikov

Dang! Now I can't retire till after 2017 season. :) #YeahCanmore
2015-07-26 22:19

JĂžrgen Aukland

Stiv i blikket etter downwind padling fra Horten til Husvik i
2015-07-26 18:55


Beach Volley à 10°C avt de regarder arrivée du @letour à #Paris @renaudjay @martinfkde @Richardjouve @Gros_Baptiste
2015-07-26 18:20


RT @CBurdet: Bonne petite PMA des familles ce matin pour les poneys. 12h de repos au ranch méritées... #teamponeys @FedFranceSki http://t.c

2015-07-26 18:16


RT @Richardjouve: Le coach a dit 100 tractions ou tu reste lĂ  haut... S'il vous plait venez m'aidez !!!
2015-07-26 18:16

Kikkan Randall

Got my outfit all ready for today's fastandfemale at @llbean's store at Mall of America. Wahoo!
2015-07-26 16:03


Voici ma page officielle
2015-07-25 23:33


Way to Lysebotn yesterday #XCSki
2015-07-25 23:24

Robin Bryntesson

Ny dag. Nya tag! #Sockertoppen2015 #changingdiabetes #novonordisk #Bliz #IdrefjÀll #Trimtex #ICAÄre
2015-07-25 22:30

Ilya Chernousov

Đ€ĐŸŃ‚ĐŸ bitnesen
2015-07-25 21:33

Federico Pellegrino

Una super @ninazilli in concerto oggi pomeriggio a #SaintBarthélemy!! Gran bella iniziativa di
2015-07-25 21:29

Kikkan Randall

Pumped to be done with a 3hr run by 10:11am!
2015-07-25 21:27

Lukas Bauer

Trochu kultury neuĆĄkodĂ­ ;-) ...
2015-07-25 21:18

Anna Haag

Helt fantastiskt sista dygn. Tack. Ni vet vilka ni Ă€r. ♡
2015-07-25 20:23

Ida Ingemarsdotter

TÀvling Àr bÀsta trÀning det vet ju alla ? sÄ idag blev det 10km i Tavastehus #hÀmeenlinnakaupunkimaraton. Jag...
2015-07-25 19:47

alex harvey

Still nr.1 #DevonandKristinswedding #MrStƓrmerSteira
2015-07-25 19:11

Anna Haag

RT @HellyHansen: "Running. The best feeling of freedom and the best way of exploring a new environment." - HH Ambassador @Anna_Haag http://

2015-07-25 19:03

john kristian dahl

Fint tur idag til #sĂžr-GjĂŠslingan #folda #vikna
2015-07-25 14:40

Lukas Bauer

NĂĄvĆĄtěva v tovĂĄrně LEKI v Tachově ve společnosti skvělĂœch sportovcĆŻ...fajn akce a zajĂ­mavĂĄ prohlĂ­dka celĂ©ho...
2015-07-25 13:34


It's midnight in Boston!! That was a fast trip home from NZ... Or at least as fast as can be expected. Good to be back in the #USA
2015-07-25 06:02

Kikkan Randall

Cool article on the Thomas Training Center at Eagle Glacier! Thanks @Fastbigdog for the write up!
2015-07-24 23:36

Chandra Crawford

RT @WiSPodcast: LISTEN: WiSP EP 28 is live with @ChandraCrawford @cpendrel #mountainbiking @jess__oconnell #5000m #womeninsport http://t.

2015-07-24 23:22


RT @letour: L'Image du Jour / Pic of the day by @jeredgruber #TDF2015
2015-07-24 22:48


RT @martinfkde: Frightening and fascinating on the same time! Effrayant et fascinant Ă  la fois!
2015-07-24 22:47


RT @Richardjouve: Vue sur le Fjord du #lysebotn avec la team poney ¡ Ça bosse dur en Norvùge @Montgenevre @FedFranceSki

2015-07-24 22:47

Ivan Babikov

Flying to Haig Glacier for a few days of skiing.
2015-07-24 22:29

Astrid Uhrenholdt Ja

Nytt Carbon klar til test ??? #aldrienturutenskiskopÄlur #mÄhamed #rossignol #carbon
2015-07-24 21:22

Matias Strandvall

How do you spend your Friday evenings!?! I like to push myself on the track!! #Trimtex #3000m
2015-07-24 19:29


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