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Maurice Manificat - RelĂąchement...
2012-04-20 10:30:00 Maurice Manificat


Voilà maintenant un peu plus de 2 semaines que je suis sur Grenoble, ça fait un froid de canard ! Je nai pas de cours à proprement dit, mais jeffectue un travail en binÎme avec Julie Bloch (musher), qui consiste à ...
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2014-07-27 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-27 10:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Eagle Glacier 2014

I just flew off the Eagle Glacier above Girdwood, Alaska. My teammates and I were on the glacier for a week for a joint camp between the U.S. Ski Team (USST) cross country men and the Alaska Pacific University (APU) &# ...
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2014-07-26 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-26 17:30:00 Ida Ingemarsdotter

TrÀning, bad och tÀvling!

HallÄ dÀr i solstolarna!Det har inte blivit nÄgot skrivet de senaste veckorna, och vad beror det pÄ. Jo, vÀdret har ju varit för bra för att sÀtta sig framför datorn och skriva nÄgra rader. Det har nÀsta var ...
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2014-07-25 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-25 10:30:00 Anna Haag

Att fÄ umgÄs kungligt. Och minnas.

För drygt en vecka sedan kom vi hem frĂ„n Öland. Raka vĂ€gen hem till slutsamrĂ„d med kommun och inflytt och allt dĂ€r till, förutom trĂ€ningen dĂ„. SĂ„ om vĂ„r upplevelse...
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2014-07-23 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-23 23:30:00 Maurice Manificat

Lentrainement estival

En action sur la piste de rollerski de Corrençon (IsÚre, France) Crédit photo : Nils Louna Dans le sport de haut-niveau, il ny a presque pas de pause (en avril pour le ski nordique). ...
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2014-07-23 09:30:00 Anna Haag

HallÄ!! Vi har flyttat in!

NÀ, vi har inte gÄtt och gömt oss eller nÄtt i den stilen. Vi har bara flyttat in (!) i vÄrt nya hus. Och om tiden var knapp innan att...
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2014-07-21 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-21 12:30:00 Anders Södergren

Fjällturen 2014 avklarad!!!

Med två cykelpass i kroppen så kände jag mig inte direkt väl förberedd för tävling, men det var riktigt skoj ändå
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2014-07-20 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-20 23:01:00 Noah Hoffman

Glacier Update

It’s been a day of hurry up and wait. We were told to be ready to head to the helipad in Girdwood, Alaska to fly to the Eagle Glacier at 8:15 this morning. However, we got an e-mail at 8 … Continue reading ...
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2014-07-20 15:09:00 Michael Rösch

Ruhetag und Waschtag ;)

Ich wĂŒnsch Euch ein schönes Wochenende!!! :)
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2014-07-20 09:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Full Team Party at Kikkan’s

This is my second blog post in four hours. I think that might be a record. The women’s joint U.S. Ski Team and Alaska Pacific University (APU) camp is a week ahead of the men’s edition. They concluded their ...
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2014-07-20 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Anchorage Run/Hike Adventure

Yesterday afternoon my good friend Sarah Gallagher, who I played with in diapers 24 years ago, gave me a goody-bag full of cookies and banana bread. They taste amazing. I’m so psyched. Thanks Sarah! This morning ...
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2014-07-19 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-19 09:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Skate Threshold Intervals

This morning’s workout here at the U.S. Ski Team and Alaska Pacific University (APU) camp in Anchorage, Alaska was a skate roller ski threshold (level 3, a sustainable pace) interval session. Like most of the ses ...
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2014-07-18 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-18 16:30:00 Jean Marc Gaillard

Grand bonheur et petits malheurs..

Le mois de juin ne pouvait pas mieux se terminer, en effet me voilà papa depuis le 30 juin et tout va bien de ce cÎté là ! Notre petit Loïs se porte à merveille et jen profite un maximum dans cette période estiv ...
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2014-07-18 09:30:00 Noah Hoffman

New Long Speed Workout

I’m at the U.S. Ski Team men’s camp in Anchorage, Alaska. Yesterday afternoon I went on an hour and fifteen minute recovery run with Erik Bjornsen. He took me on a bunch of winding, single track trails near ...
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2014-07-17 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-17 23:30:00 Andy Newell

Alaska Update

For the past 4 days the USST has been training along side the APU team here in Anchorage. This is the beginning of a 2 week camp in which the second half will be spent skiing on snow up on the Eagle Glacier. I haven ...
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2014-07-17 08:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Hatcher Pass Ski

It’s awesome to be back in a camp setting! This Alaska camp is a collaboration between the U.S. Ski Team and the Alaska Pacific University (APU) Elite Team. Because the camp includes so many athletes, the menR ...
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2014-07-15 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-15 23:56:00 Noah Hoffman

Anchorage Double Pole

After my travel debacle on Sunday night, the second time was the charm for making it to Anchorage. My layover was in San Francisco. SFO is getting a major, long term face lift. I flew out of one of the … Continue ...
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2014-07-14 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-14 22:43:00 Noah Hoffman

Bonus Day in Park City

When I wrote yesterday’s blog, I was sitting at gate B9 in the Salt Lake International Airport, waiting for a flight to San Francisco to connect to a flight to Anchorage, Alaska. Twenty Four hours later, I am sit ...
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2014-07-14 12:22:00 Michael Rösch

Dumm hat Schwein ;-)

Deutschland ist Weltmeister!!!!! Und das absolut verdient denk ich!!!Tony Martin gewinnt eine...
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2014-07-13 - Top Athletes News
2014-07-13 23:30:00 Noah Hoffman

Technique Training to Alaska

Emilia and I made a nutritiously poor yet delicious choice for lunch yesterday. We made waffles and put some of my mother’s raw cream on it, along with fruit and maple syrup. Yesterday afternoon was my last techn ...
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2014-07-13 08:30:00 Jessie Diggins

A whole lot of adventuring plus a quick trip to the ER

So, basically, my only job this week is to try to not be my usual reckless, clumsy self and NOT FALL DOWN. I ended up getting stitches in my right knee after tripping and using a rock as a brake … Continue readin ...
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Lukas Bauer

2014-07-27 22:07

Hanna Falk

SommartrÀning till fjÀlls!
2014-07-27 20:56

Kristian Rennemo

FÄr frysninger pÄ ryggen av TV2's oppsummering av Ärets Tour de France. Stor idrett! #2tdf #motivasjon
2014-07-27 20:51

Kristian Rennemo

Takk til @2sporten for rÄe sendinger, @TV2Paasche, Kaggestad og @TV2DagO2 for rÄ kommentering! Og, ikke minst-takk @Kristoff87! #rÄtt #2tdf
2014-07-27 20:47


RT @letour: Meilleure Ă©quipe du Tour 2014 : @AG2RLAMONDIALEc / Best Team of the 2014 Tour : @AG2RLAMONDIALEc #TDF
2014-07-27 20:19


RT @jice_peraud: Merci @AG2RLAMONDIALEc, merci les copains #TDF
2014-07-27 20:18

Ida Ingemarsdotter

NÀr man behöver ta ett dopp under passet för att kyla ner sig och man torkar upp pÄ 10min dÄ Àr det varmt mÄ ni...
2014-07-27 18:48

Devon Kershaw

Yeah, the West Coast of Norway was ok... Here's KSS getting some' on the Vengetind traverse #nofilter
2014-07-27 18:36

Thomas Alsgaard

Hva pokker skal vi til syden Ă„ gjĂžre??? #onĂžy #sommer #sol #ferie
2014-07-27 15:44

Thomas Alsgaard

Hva pokker skal vi til syden Ă„ gjĂžre??? #onĂžy #sommer #sol #ferie
2014-07-27 15:37

Øystein Pettersen

Gift. Med verdens flotteste jente. #denfĂžlelsen
2014-07-27 15:29


RT @OliRives: @AdrienBACK @manificaventure LE truc qui fait tout, c'est la housse #douanes pour le #mac
2014-07-27 08:52

Andy Newell

Alaska Video edit @fischersports @FISCrossCountry @GoPro @SwixWax @RudyProjectNA @USSA_Nordic
2014-07-27 07:26

Andy Newell

27 hours of training and several boxes of mini wheats later we are off of eagle glacier
2014-07-27 02:05

Andy Newell

Training camp throw back from a few days ago
2014-07-27 02:04

Hanna Falk

Jag och Emilie simmade OW idag. Bara att sÀga OW Àr ju rÀtt coolt. Open Water alltsÄ. 26-gradigt! #svalkande
2014-07-26 22:51

Lukas Bauer

Dnes dalĆĄĂ­ skvělĂĄ zprĂĄva po Radek JaroĆĄ ! DalĆĄĂ­ mega Ășspěch! VelkĂĄ gratulace pro Leopold König! UĆŸij si to!
2014-07-26 22:20

Lukas Bauer
2014-07-26 21:42

Ida Ingemarsdotter

Har skrivit ihop nÄgra rader om senaste tiden och ett gÀng bilder bjuder jag pÄ. Ta det lugnt i vÀrmen! /Ida
2014-07-26 17:25


RT @renault_nico: Ok en cyclisme des fois on peut se poser des questions... Mais quand je vois ça... J'hallucine! @Antidopage #dopage http:

2014-07-26 15:33

Lukas Bauer

Tak se to tomu klukovi Radek JaroĆĄ podaƙilo a mĂĄ vĆĄechny 8000 v kapse! VĂĄĆŸně borec! VelkĂĄ gratulace ;-)
2014-07-26 14:20


RT @NastasiaNoens: @BenValentin92 tu fais quand mĂȘme des trucs de fou ! Tu es un freestyler pourtant !! ??
2014-07-26 13:08


RT @AdrienBACK: @manificaventure athlÚte 4.0 #connecté #ilmanquerien #heureusementilyainternet
2014-07-26 13:05

Devon Kershaw

This is one for the 2009/10 NST boys. He lives pjwidmer!! #Ronny #rock&roll #mansnusallday
2014-07-26 12:17

JĂžrgen Aukland

FÞrste dag pÄ samling Norefjell. Nederlag#1: Staket fra i motbakke. Nederlag#2: Bade i ferskvann.
2014-07-26 12:15

Matias Strandvall

3x3000m löptest.. Sprang rekord pÄ alla nivÄer men klarade inte mitt mÄl pÄ sub.9min.. @FssVig "officiella" tid var 9:01.59 ?
2014-07-26 10:22

Robin Bryntesson

Om förmiddan bestod av sprint sĂ„ Ă€gdes eftermiddan av tröga skidor och stakning! #sprint #lĂ„nglopp
2014-07-25 23:29

Lukas Bauer

BěhĂĄme uĆŸ i v Liberci
;-) | Bezva bÄ›ĆŸ
2014-07-25 22:34

Sanna Hallberg

Byn som alltid kommer vara "hemma". #klövsjö #ÄretsbyjÀmt
2014-07-25 21:36


RT @AdrienBACK: Journée parfaite au Lysebotn #Norway #nofilter @FedFranceSki @manificaventure @SimonFrk2 @martinfkde
2014-07-25 20:44


Pique-Nique au #Lysebotn pour les fondeurs et biathlÚtes aprÚs une grosse matinée ! @FedFranceSki @ffskidefond #XCSki
2014-07-25 20:43


RT @RollerskiRacing: LE TEAM OUVRE LE COMPTEUR ! Ça y est le team dĂ©croche sa premiĂšre mĂ©daille avec la belle deuxiĂšme place de Igor... ht

2014-07-25 20:38


RT @BuilletMarion: Grosse journée d'entraßnement mais avec une petite récompense à la clé: la photo sur le cailloux :) Tingerlaat -... http

2014-07-25 20:37

Devon Kershaw

RT @Goldsack: @devonkershaw In Moolllllllllde...
2014-07-25 20:34

Devon Kershaw

Arild Monsen has talked a lot of shit in his day, but his hometown is pretty, pretty, pretty #decent
2014-07-25 19:28

Chandra Crawford

Go, moms! "@CAAWS: Active mothers = Active kids. via @SIRCtweets. #activemoms #mothersinmotion”
2014-07-25 17:08

Hanna Falk

Tack JÀmtland för tvÄ magiska veckor! #fjÀllsemster #ochlitetrÀningdÄochdÄ
2014-07-25 15:04

Federico Pellegrino

RT @iRisTri: Thanks to @RudyProject1985 guys. Great party &dinner last night w/ @TriDega @KatherineKellyL @ChiccoPelle @matteo_anesi & more

2014-07-25 14:28

Anna Haag

Att fÄ umgÄs kungligt. Och minnas.
2014-07-25 13:34

Devon Kershaw

RT @Matt_Whitcomb: I like twitter mainly for making fun of other people, but this particular twap is just me promoting me.

2014-07-25 11:50

Kristian Rennemo

RT @AndersMyrland: I panikk reiv terroristene bilen i revers da de sÄ disse to holde vakt! #berre #rolig #Rana
2014-07-25 11:09

emil jönsson

Godmorgon. #Kranbil #normalday #villaaoe
2014-07-25 07:30

Jesper Modin

Throwback thursday. #offpist #lÀngdlagg #svÄrpist @ SkarsfjÀllet
2014-07-24 21:57

Sanna Hallberg

BĂ€sta kompisarna.
2014-07-24 21:56


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