Tour de Ski Stage 4: Prediction results and overall results

Posted by Jan Kocbach, 03 Jan 2011@16:29

A day of surprise winners in Tour de Ski today ; nobody had put up the mens winner Heikkinen better than 4th spot – and nobody had set up the womens winner Haag better than 2nd spot. The winner of today’s predictions was statisticalskier who predicted Marcus Hellner and Justyna Kowalczyk on top. Geraldo13 was 9th on the 4th stage – and still keeps the overall lead after the 4 first Tour de Ski stages.

Of the men, only Bauer and Heikkinen performed as well or better than expected of the 10 most tipped athletes (see graphic below) – showing that this was really a difficult race to predict. Of the women, Kowalczyk, Saarinen, Majdic and Roponen disappointed, whereas Haag and Kalla were the two big positive surprises.



Comment by Jan Kocbach

January 3, 2011 @ 21:54

I didn’t like what Northug did there, but I really didn’t think they would take away his bonus time for it. A good thing for the sport, though!

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