XC Predictions: Ready for the World Champs!

Posted by Jan Kocbach, 23 Feb 2011@8:00

We are ready for the big highlight of the season – the World Championships in Cross Country skiing starting here in Oslo with the sprint tomorrow! Prediction are available for all individual races – and there will also be overall results like we had for the Tour de Ski. Set up your predictions – and fight for glory against many others! Are you the best to predict the results? Do you think Northug and Bjørgen will win it all – or will they be beaten on home ground?

Set up your predictions here:

Race Preview Sprint
  • The sprint among the men is probably one of the most open races in this years World Championships. There are a lot of skiers fighting for the gold medals – and many of them may actually get no further than to the Quarter finals. Among the gold favorites we have to include at least the reigning champion Ola Vigen Hattestad, the winner in Drammen last weekend Emil Jönsson, the Russians Petukhov and Morilov – and of course Petter Northug. I’d also count in Gløersen, Kershaw and Hellner to the absolute gold favourites. I’d say there is a 95% chance that the winner is among these 8 skiers. But there are others who might beat all these – and take the first gold medal for the men in this championships. I was very close to extending my gold favourite list with Alex Harvey who got second in Drammen. And what about the Italians with Pellegrino and Scola at the front? And the remaining Norwegians and Swedes? And what can Cologna manage here? It is going to be very exciting indeed!
  • Among the women the list of big gold favourites is a bit shorter – but it is still the most open discipline. Kikkan Randall has to be counted among the absolute favourites after her two victories lately. It is the “worst” discipline of Marit Bjørgen – but she is still one of the big gold favourites. Justyna Kowalczyk can win – but Follis might be an even bigger favourite. I’d give an 80% probability that one of those four take the gold. But don’t forget the Slovenians ; Majdic has been the big name, but Fabian and Visnar took the double in Rybinsk. Kalla, Caspersen-Falla (second in Drammen – impressive racing in each heat) and Brun-Li are also outsiders. And I guess I nearly forgot the Astrid Jacobsen in there. Really looking forward to this one as well!
  • First start for the qualification is at 13:30 CET
  • Startlists will be available here: Startlist men and startlist women

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