Race development Pursuit Women World Champs 2011

Posted by Jan Kocbach, 26 Feb 2011@14:10

Taking a look at a graphical representation of the race development for the 15 km pursuit at the World Champs in Oslo today, you can see just how good Bjørgen, Kowalczyk and Johaug were. Summing up the best times from each split gives a time which is only some 20 seconds better than Bjørgen’s winner time!

Note! Not all skiers are included in the graphical representation (e.g. Follis is missing) – as not all skiers are included in the official splits at all stations.

Some other interesting observations:

  • You can see how Aino Kaisa Saarinen tried to increase her speed from split 5 until split 8 – going away from Kalla. Saarinen even had higher speed than Bjørgen this period in the race – but it looks like it was too fast – as Saarinen broke down and lost a lot of time after this fast period.
  • Nicole Fessel looses quite a lot in the classic part, but does a very good skating part.
  • Kristin Størmer Steira tried to race away from her pack twice in the last part of the race, but was caught and lost quite a lot of time in the last part.

Take a look at the interactive graphical illustration yourself to understand more of the race development:

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