Splits: Chasing start men Kuusamo

Posted by Jan Kocbach, 28 Nov 2010@11:50

Alexander Legkov was impressive in the uphills – and took a clear victory in the “Tour de Opening” in Kuusamo after skiing in a group with Dario Cologna and Daniel Rickardsson for most of the race. In the above illustration you can see the race development for the top 10. The flat region between split 9 and 10 and the following split is where Legkov decided the race. Note, however, that the speed of the group behind was even higher in this region.

In the above Splitsbrowser-screenshot a flat line on a split means that an athlete is the fastest on a split. The steeper the line goes, the more an athlete looses on that split. Note that the first split starts at starttime 0:00 for all athletes – i.e. from split 1 and on the illustration shows the actual race development.

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